What is the point?

Sometimes it feels like I have lived before, that this life is second or third. I sometimes feel like I will awake from a dream, but I cannot grasp what that will be.

Sometimes I feel so alone. Like it is only me and that this is a nightmare. One day this nightmare will end, and I will wake up. But to what I cannot grasp.

Sometimes I ask what the point of this life or dream is if it all will end one day. What is the purpose? And that, too, I cannot grasp. The understanding thereof seems to be out of my reach.

Sometimes I just ask: Why? And why? Why? Why? Why?

When the doubt and the questions want to settle in my mind and spirit, I remind myself: “Life is more of an exploration than and understanding as to why we are here?” It is in the exploration that I find clarity. [JC – 03 Mar 21]

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