Embracing Change

Everything good comes to an end. It is either the start of something better or something else. But things can never stay the same. And this is simply because death and change are the only two constants in life.

Our only certainties in life are death and change. The rest is uncertain.

So if you experience something good or bad in life, your situation is bound to change. For example, after ten years of being in a friendship, relationship or marriage, you cannot expect everything to stay the same.  Somehow one party will change, which can temporarily or permanently change your relationship with that person, especially if you were unprepared for the coming changes.

If you are in a friendship, relationship or marriage, and you are in a transition period, please take your friend or partner with you on the transition phase. If you can sense the changes coming, speak openly about them and listen to what the other party says. Remember, it affects the other party just as much as it affects you.

Now that I am much older and hopefully wiser, I realised the damage I caused by just cutting off people, breaking friendships and just moving on. I did this without talking and letting the next person in. I also know where this came from and how I came to be like that. But it is no excuse for how I moved on and the state I left people in. For this, I apologise.

Moving on doesn’t have to be a selfish process. You also have every right to do so. But remember, there is a history in every relationship. So naturally, there would be resistance when you want to move on. Breaking things off is a painful process for both parties, and sometimes one party does not want to let go. However, the other party’s resistance to change cannot keep you trapped in a prison.  

But, in the end, moving on cannot be prevented. It is part of life.  So the only piece of advice I can give is to be kind.

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