I am tired of speaking about racism

The narrative is different because it is still lodged in the same civilising discourse that brought about slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism. This discourse, so far, revealed itself in three ways. Firstly, how black students escaping the war were treated at the Ukrainian borders. Secondly, the “relatively civilised” comment made by senior CBS reporter Charlie D’Agata, and thirdly, the UN General Assembly vote on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

We will not survive the bio bubble

Higher Education institutions should be critical and debunk theories. However, some South African universities adopted the same COVID-19 approach as some countries in the Global North: closing their borders and only allowing a select few to enter, which yielded little results. Yet, Higher Education in South Africa has decided that this bio bubble approach would work best for the sector.

Let’s Talk About Currency

When we think about currency, we usually think about money. We think of it in Rand and cents. But what if there is more to currency than just money. What if there are many currencies that we are wasting because we haven’t learned to appreciate them, especially since they appear to have no material value. And that is what currency is; it is an exchange of value. Sometimes this value exchange is expected and not earned.