The Broken String is a documentary film that offers a sombre reflection of past and current injustices endured by the Bushman in South Africa. The film’s name is repurposed from the title of a poem by Dia!kwain (David Hoesaar), who was a /Xam speaking Bushman. The poem is an expression of pain and emptiness following a loss. The film skilfully weaves the testimonies of !Aru |’Khuisi Piet Berendse and Hans Springbok with Dia!kwain’s poem.


This documentary film is about the human spirit. It follows an addictively energetic, rhythmic, and entertaining cultural dance group in a small, rural town and how this group of youngsters interpret the world. This film captures both the hardships and joys and how each work toward a better, brighter future.


The film follows Peter Takelo as he and other community members attempt to raise awareness regarding the critically endangered Barrydale Redfin Minnow. They do this with the local school’s help and the University of the Western Cape (UWC). This film not only reveals the relationship between corrupt municipal officials and big international agricultural projects. It also illustrates how historical injustices, such as the forced removals during apartheid, contributed to all indigenous beings’ systematic erasure along the Tradouw Valley.


In 2017 Simone Momplé enrolled at the University of the Western Cape for her Master’s degree. Her aim was to become the first person in South Africa to do a research project on dance psychology. This part 5 documentary series captures part of Simone’s Master’s journey. Her research took her across the spectrum of higher education in South Africa. In this series, she opens up about her ups and downs along the way.


This short three-part documentary series is about how participatory research changes the researchers and brings their humanity forward. The usage of participatory research methods gave them a much richer and more complex understanding of the research environment, the research objectives and the research subjects. The film takes the audience on the journey of the two researchers that used these two participatory methods. They share their successes and challenges during their field research.


Negritude Timing is a short film about Qiqa Nkomo’s final year at the University of the Western Cape. The film is about resilience and what it took for her to obtain her Llb degree. It is a film about friendship, family and love. She calls her journey “negritude timing”, a timing or rhythm embedded in black consciousness.


True love is patience. True love is kind. True love is real. This film is about the beautiful union of Cindy and Brendt. They have known each other for more than 20 years and decided to tie the knot on 06 April 2019. This film will definitely make you fall in love and want to get married.

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