“Please accept my apology?”

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about trust. How do you regain someone’s trust after you did something to them? Or, how do you trust someone after they wronged you? I usually do not trust people easily. It takes me a long time to open up to someone and to reveal parts of myself.Continue reading ““Please accept my apology?””

Let’s queer society

I firmly believe if we fix the family, we can improve society. Most of society’s issues arise within the family. For example, GBV is normalised within the family. Several studies found that queerness and otherness are more acceptable outside the family than inside the family. People who identify as queer, lesbian, trans or gay areContinue reading “Let’s queer society”

What is success?

Is success the ability to look after and provide for one’s family? Or is it having so much money that you cannot spend it in a lifetime? Is the “poor” farmworker who look after and provide for her family less successful than Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos? Is success determined by your level of qualificationContinue reading “What is success?”

Falling in and out of love

Have you ever wonder why you fall in and out of love? It is a result of a biochemical phenomenon. Falling in love is caused by four hormones. Dopamine: This hormone increases your focus, motivation and memory. It also increases your sense of pleasure, enjoyment and desire. Oxytocin: This hormone is known as the loveContinue reading “Falling in and out of love”