Let’s Talk About Currency

Tawedes (Greetings)

When we think about currency, we usually think about money. We think of it in Rand and cents. But what if there is more to currency than just money. What if there are many currencies that we are wasting because we haven’t learned to appreciate them, especially since they appear to have no material value. And that is what currency is; it is an exchange of value. Sometimes this value exchange is expected and not earned.

This brings me to some of the currencies I value the most. For me, time and trust are two of the most important currencies people are squandering. Interestingly enough, these are also the two currencies some people demand without reciprocation. They want them, but they are not willing to give a fair exchange. If we take time, for example, some people only make time when they need something of you. Only then you will see the “Hey, how are you?” As if they were really interested in how you were doing. They only need something hence the DM. Other times you are invisible on their plane of existence.

The other currency often taken for granted is trust. Some people want you to trust them from the get-go. They believe trust is easily given. But I believe they are wrong. Trust is earned through consistency. And by consistency, I mean building a relationship in which honesty and openness are the cornerstones of the relationship. Without honesty and openly talking about issues, there cannot be trust. I have come to learn that the people who tell you, “you can trust me”, are the ones you must trust the least. So I usually asked myself why was there a need to say, “You can trust me.” To me, that is a red flag, and I am waiting for the deception to happen.

Time and trust are currencies that I am only willing to give in a fair exchange.  For me, time is even more precious than money. The proverbial saying “time is money” is true. The money you can recuperate but the time you do not get back.  Since our time is limited on this planet, I cannot afford to waste my time. And since it takes such a long time to build trust, don’t squander it. Once you lose someone’s trust, it is not easy to regain it. Needless to say, time is what we need to fix a broken relationship, but time is limited.  

Hence, the amount of quality time I am receiving is the amount of quality time I am willing to give. Moreover, my trust, and I hope your trust too, is only earned by consistently building a relationship that is founded on honesty and openness.

So, if you have any currencies that are important to you would please share them with me.

A da !hoa (Let’s talk).

Gangans (Thank you).

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